Valentine’s Day {Music Bingo} for TEENS!


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I just started a spring semester run working at a transition program with 18-21 year olds with varying diagnoses and abilities. Finding age appropriate music therapy interventions can be hard for this population, especially for higher functioning young adults. The group loved playing music bingo with a name that tune twist so I wanted to share the board here!

Pass out the bingo sheets and explain that you’ll be playing and/or singing the melody (without words) until one person guesses the answer. Then, ask everyone to mark the box and go through one verse/chorus or whatever you have time to sing. Goals for this intervention include social skills so I encourage talking among the group to figure out the answer or to share a particular fact or memory about the song. I’ve uploaded the sheet as a doc in case you want to switch out songs or make different versions for several teams.

Happy Valentine’s Week!


{Top 5 in 2013}


Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s hard to believe that our first full year as Toneworks Music Therapy Services LLC. and as a blog is coming to a close. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at our most popular posts in 2013.

5. Alphabet Soup

Great for a food theme and pre-reading skills, sing along to find letters in the soup. Students will work on letter identification, self-regulation, and matching.

4. Move Your Scarves Everybody

An energetic song to get everybody up and moving with a scarf. Movements in the song are designed to work on gross motor goals such as crossing mid-line and bilateral coordination. All of our young and old clients love this song!

3. Valentine’s Bingo

Unfortunately, wikifonia is now part of musescore so while the links aren’t active, the bingo board is still there for Valentine’s day in a couple of months! Clients work on empathy, listening, sharing, and peer interaction during this fun musical game.

2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Whoever thought of singing the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle is a genius. Combining the familiar book and tune captures the imaginations of our students as we work on color identification, matching, imitating gross motor movements of the animals, and turn taking during the singable book.

1. Rhythm Games: Part 1

It’s hard to find interventions for school age or middle school clients that are age appropriate. In this post, you will find two rhythm games that are perfect for groups to practice working together, turn taking, sound location, and appropriate touch.

Thank you all for taking time to read our blog posts and comment as well! Happy New Year from Ms. Andrea & Ms. Lyndie.

Monday Music & Movement: {Valentine’s Day BINGO}


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The older adults I work with never get tired of a few music therapy interventions (balloon volleyball to music anyone?). One is playing name that tune or music bingo. These music interventions never fail to get my groups of older adults clients interacting, singing, clapping, and reminiscing.

Today’s intervention addresses the same goals as the Holiday music bingo post found here. Because the goals are not simply to sing along or identify a melody, it is important to allow time for the group to share memories and encourage active listening and empathy among group members. You can discuss the different kinds of love in the songs. Romantic love, young love, love for your country, etc. This intervention will allow both the music and therapy skills that we have as music therapists to shine!

Here is a link to the Valentine’s BINGO sheet as a pdf and as a word doc if you want to change out some of the songs.

We hope you are able to use the session idea with your clients and adapt as necessary for group preferences. We will be sharing more ideas for Valentine’s Day sessions in the coming weeks so please subscribe to the right or follow our blog for the most up to date posts.

ETA: wikifonia is no longer so we hope you can find the lead sheets on your own through the wonderful internet 🙂


Music & Movement Monday: Holiday Music Bingo


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One of the places we serve at Toneworks Music Therapy Services is Golden Nest, a small Korean assisted living facility. I (Andrea) am fluent in Korean so all music therapy sessions are in Korean and I use mostly Korean traditional songs and instruments. That said, around the holidays we sing a lot of carols and holiday songs that have been translated into Korean over the years. Since one of the therapeutic music interventions the residents love is music bingo, we thought it would be fun to do a holiday edition.

Goals for the group that we work on during this intervention include peer interaction and auditory perception. Some of the residents are not be able to see or hear as well as others, but the group works as a team to figure out which melody  I am playing on the piano. Residents interact by speaking with each other, listening to peers share memories, cooperating by singing the same song, and helping others as needed. The way we play music bingo at Golden Nest is for all of the residents to “win” at the same time. The facility then provides small treats or prizes for the residents after music therapy is over.

The music bingo sheet can be easily adapted for use with children as well by switching out some of the holiday songs with songs from a children’s artist or from a children’s movie. Parents can also use this at home for a sing along game with children!

Goals for children may include: letter identification, phonics, visual perception, counting 1-5 with 1:1 correspondence, and directional concepts of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal on the bingo board.

I’ve made the bingo sheet available for download on scribd (in English, don’t worry…). There’s an option to download it as a DOCX for those of you that may want to leave out the religious carols or add in songs to represent Kwanzaa and Hanukkah as well. I just happened to make this for a facility where the residents all have a Protestant and/or Catholic background so that determined my song choices.

Happy Music Bingo-ing!

Music Bingo Sheet