{Top 5 in 2013}


Happy New Year’s Eve! It’s hard to believe that our first full year as Toneworks Music Therapy Services LLC. and as a blog is coming to a close. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at our most popular posts in 2013.

5. Alphabet Soup

Great for a food theme and pre-reading skills, sing along to find letters in the soup. Students will work on letter identification, self-regulation, and matching.

4. Move Your Scarves Everybody

An energetic song to get everybody up and moving with a scarf. Movements in the song are designed to work on gross motor goals such as crossing mid-line and bilateral coordination. All of our young and old clients love this song!

3. Valentine’s Bingo

Unfortunately, wikifonia is now part of musescore so while the links aren’t active, the bingo board is still there for Valentine’s day in a couple of months! Clients work on empathy, listening, sharing, and peer interaction during this fun musical game.

2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Whoever thought of singing the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle is a genius. Combining the familiar book and tune captures the imaginations of our students as we work on color identification, matching, imitating gross motor movements of the animals, and turn taking during the singable book.

1. Rhythm Games: Part 1

It’s hard to find interventions for school age or middle school clients that are age appropriate. In this post, you will find two rhythm games that are perfect for groups to practice working together, turn taking, sound location, and appropriate touch.

Thank you all for taking time to read our blog posts and comment as well! Happy New Year from Ms. Andrea & Ms. Lyndie.


Monday Music & Movement: {We’re Going to the Circus}


Image via West Music

Scarves are a great way to motivate children to move in order to meet gross motor goals during music therapy session. Not only for gross motor movement, there is a sensory aspect to using scarves as children feel the light touch of the scarf on their bodies. In addition, children use their eyes to track the movement of the scarf so there is hand-eye coordination involved.

There are so many songs we love to use with scarves during sessions. Our song today also encourages imagination and cooperation during pretend play while “on the way” to the circus!

“We’re Going to the Circus” is a call and response song and the lyrics lend themselves to easy substitution for the interests of your little ones. During the chorus, pretend to drive by holding the scarf ¬†with both hands and moving the scarf as a steering wheel. Older children may be able to handle moving around in a circle together while “driving” as well.

Here’s how we like to move during the verses:

Man on a tightrope = hold the scarf in front of you like a pole for balancing and walk forward and back

A girl on a horse jumping up and down = wave scarf up and down with one hand while jumping

A seal spinning round and round with a ball on his nose = ball up the scarf, hold on nose, & spin!

And an elephant dancing on his tippy toes = stretch arms and scarf up while dancing on tip toes

Here is the sheet music for the song. We hope you have fun moving around with scarves to this song and adapting it to your clients or children!