Musical Playground (Ages 5-12)

Small group sessions that focus on social, emotional, and self-regulation skills for children
ages 5-12

Goal areas may include:

Regulatory skills—implementing coping and calming strategies, decreasing aggression, and accepting and/or seeking out adult help

Social skills—appropriately sharing, taking turns, accepting others’ play ideas, following rules, transitioning safely from activity to activity, and sharing experiences.

Emotional skills—increasing the ability to identify and appropriately express feelings

Therapeutic music interventions include:

Functional instrument play: Working together or independently playing an instrument to improve social and regulatory skills

Movement to music: Using dance and yoga to improve social and regulatory skills

Singing: Using call-and-response, performing, and group singing to improve regulatory, social, and communication skills

Sensory exploration: Using a variety of instruments and tools that improve regulatory and emotional skills


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