Developmental Music Classes (Ages 0-5)

Tones of Fun (Ages 0-5) are classes designed for parents and children to interact with each other through music to develop the child’s fine and gross motor, social/emotional, self-help, and cognitive skills. Parents are their child’s first teacher and the most important role model. Therefore, Tones of Fun classes include send home activities of songs and ideas to transfer and extend what the child is learning to the home environment.

  • Baby Tones of Fun (0-12 mo)
  • Toddler Tones of Fun (13-36 mo)
  • Pre-K Tones of Fun (3-5 yrs)
  • Family Tones of Fun (0-5 yrs)

Goal areas include:

Social/Emotional-attachment, bonding, self and peer awareness, self-help words, emotion identification

Cognitive-anticipation of events, attention, name recognition, pre-reading and pre-writing skills

Pre-school Concepts: matching, size, color, directional prepositions, body identification, letter identification

Language/Communication: expressive and receptive language, imitation, singing, non-verbal cues, baby sign

Gross Motor: walking, crawling, jumping, dancing, squatting, tiptoe

Fine Motor: bilateral movement, meeting at midline, crossing midline, palmar grasp, pincer grasp, reaching, finger isolation

Therapeutic music interventions include:

Sensory exploration: Using a variety of textures, sounds, and vestibular input to improve sensory awareness and regulation

Functional instrument play: Playing instrument with parent or independently to improve fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills

Singing: Singing along to songs and books to improve pre-reading, cognitive, rhyming, matching, color identification, and directional concepts

Relaxation: Identify ways that child calms down body through lullabies, yoga, and deep breathing


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