Adaptive Lessons

Instrument play is used to explore musical knowledge, cognitive, and motor skills, as well as building confidence

Goal areas may include:

Musical knowledge skills—Improving instrument playing, sound identification/localization, musicianship skills

Cognitive skills—identifying colors, letters, and improving literacy skills

Gross/Fine Motor skills—range of motion, palmar and pincer grasp, crossing midline, bilateral motion, and muscle relaxation

Confidence building—improving the ability to perform and increasing self-expression in a non-threatening environment.

Therapuetic music interventions include:

Sensory exploration: Using a variety of instruments and tools that improve self-regulation and motor skills

Functional instrument play: Independently playing an instrument to improve motor, musical knowledge, cognitive, and confidence building skills.

Singing: Using call-and-response, performing, and singing to improve cognitive, motor, musical knowledge and confidence building skills.

Lessons offered:


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