Friday Favorites: {In the Summer}



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Today’s Friday Favorite is a piggyback version (same melody, different lyrics) of the song “In the Jungle”. I got this song writing idea from my fabulous internship supervisor at The Family Partnership, Sarah Woolever. You can use this song to meet goals of choice making, turn taking, sight words (names and foods), food identification, and if the kids are older you can even talk about healthy vs. less healthy food choices as well.

You will want to find or print off a variety of foods, include the names of the foods on the cards so you can work on sight letters/words. You may want to print out a few more than the clients you have in the group in case they all hate green beans 🙂 If clients are old enough to read, you can write out the  lyrics on a large notepad or have it on a powerpoint. If not, just have a felt board for them to place food pictures on to with their names on it.

Start singing/playing the chorus of the song…

In the summer, the hot, hot, summer

We like to have fun in the sun

In the summer, the hot, hot summer

We like to eat lots of yummy food

Now the children get to make a choice during the verse and put their food next to their name on the board

In the summer, the hot, hot summer

__(name)__ likes to eat yummy __(food__

In the summer, the hot, hot summer

__(name)__ likes to eat yummy __(food)__

Then everyone can join back in for the “a-wim-o-weh” part

Here’s a link to a lead sheet for The Lion Sleeps Tonight so you can see the melody and chords from Wikifonia! We hope you enjoy song writing all about food with your kiddos!



Monday Music & Movement: {Oh Mr. Sun}


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I don’t know what the weather is like where you live…but in MN we have had sleet, thundersnow, and rain for the last week or so. Naturally, I am dreaming of sunshine and temperatures that are higher than 38 degrees! Thus, the inspiration for today’s post on the children’s song, Oh Mr. Sun.

There are many ways you can use this song as a music therapist, teacher, or parent! I like to use Oh Mr. Sun when working with a client or a group of clients that has expressive language goals. I have used this in individual sessions and with a group of non-native English speaking children as well. You will need one tambourine, I prefer using one with a shiny head that is easy to hit. You can also stick a laminated “Mr. Sun” on the tambourine head as well.

The structure of the lyrics make it easy to use “sun” as the consonant vowel consonant (CVC) word that the child will work on during the intervention. Not only does the child sing “sun”, but they also get to hit the tambourine. In addition to the language goal, you can work on joint attention by using one tambourine. Since one friend gets to hit the tambourine and say “sun” at a time, the children will be focusing in on one object. The group will also work on turn taking and friends can be peer models. You may want to incorporate signs for please and me along with sun for children that may be non-verbal or selectively mute.

Showing the child that you want them to hit and say sun by example in the first line is a great way to get into the music without wasting time on explanations. If you are working with a group, then each time there is the word “sun”, another child can have a turn to say the word and hit the drum.

Oh, Mr. Sun (hit the tambourine), Sun (hit the tambourine), Mr. Golden _____ (opportunity for child to hit tambourine and say “sun”),
Please shine down on me.

Oh, Mr. Sun (hit the tambourine), Sun (hit the tambourine),
Hiding behind a tree

These little children are asking you
To please come out so we can play with you.

Oh, Mr. SunSun (opportunity for child to hit tambourine and say “sun”),
Please shine down on,
please shine down on,
Please shine down on me.

We hope you have some sunshine in your sessions or at home with this song today!