Friday Favorites: Wikifonia {Lead Sheets}

Do you have trouble finding free sheet music on the internet? I was struggling to learn a lot of songs from the 1920’s and beyond during my senior year of music therapy coursework during a practicum in hospice.

Cut to the day that I found Wikifonia…it was one of those “Hallelujah” moments for me. Wikifonia is a website full of lead sheets for personal use. You can search lead sheets by song name or artist. Once you find the song that you want, you can even change the lead sheet to the key that works best for your client! Click on the key you want the song transposed to, download, and print the pdf and you’re on your way to learning new music for your next music therapy session.

I will say I have had the most luck searching for music that is older, unsure if that is because of copyright issues or the demand.

Below I have gathered links to a few holiday songs that I found on Wikifonia over the years to use with clients. Happy searching to you on Wikifonia!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Jingle Bells

Silver Bells

Deck the Halls

Winter Wonderland